Saturday, November 20, 2010

House in Brussels, Belgium

House “Dynasty” by Label Architecture is located near the city of Brussels, Belgium.
The primary building was built in the sixties, during those euphoric years when people weren’t led to reinvest rural buildings by taste for the rural, but were more inclined to build new housing in a solid way.
At the starting point, many changes had already been made, as the existing garage had been modified into a bigger one in order to become an isolated studio and an overheated veranda was added to the backyard.

The living room opens itself on an asphalt surface and occupies the entire width of the house at the same level. A peaceful sense of calm emanates from the fact that no pillars disturb the 12 meters long window. The same window  folds itself in the corners and continues in order to visually expand the rooms. Only the sliding frame with reflective and dark glasses stands out such as a white polaroid frame which is waiting to dry.

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